Sydne Barnett

Sydne Barnett is a lover of spunky, badass heroines, and heroes that embrace their wild. She's an avid reader, never turns down a good cup of coffee, loves hiking with her hubby, Joel, and lives for finding their next adventure. 

If she's not writing, you can probably find her behind her camera, swimming, or curled up with a homemade pastry, watching Friends, HYMYM, or Gilmore Girls.

Raised in the Treasure Valley, Idaho, Sydne has a love for one-light towns, and winding backroads, but refusing to ignore her soul's call for adventure, she hit the road with her family, and now they call the world their home.

Sydne's love for written word was born during bedtime routines with her dad. By the time she could put pen to paper, she was already telling stories. Plagued by severe night-terrors, writing gave Sydne an outlet to create worlds based on dreams so vivid they begged to come to life.
As her skills developed, Sydne went on to win a full-ride scholarship to a private art school, and again to university, in pursuit of her writing. While life may have had other plans for her first decade out of school, the dream-born characters of Grayshell Rising stayed with her, until she had no choice but to build them a world.

The Journey

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August Porter's nights are spent fighting for his life—trying to escape talons that drag him into darkness, fleeing monsters promising an end to his future. But they're just nightmares. At least, that's what he convinces himself...until he comes face to face with a fierce stranger promising salvation...if he leaves everything he's ever known behind. 

Will he trust the light, or succumb to the dark? 

The legendary Alvara of Grayshell is haunted daily by his face. By the constant pull to him. Yet, this mysterious man evades her power when no mark ever has. Grayshell, Chicago...even Hell itself—she won't stop fighting until his soul is safe with her. The demons are hunting him. So she hunts too.

He'll live. But only if she gets there first.

Join Alvara and August as their worlds collide in this thrilling, fantastical first installment in the Grayshell Rising series. 
Available January 25, 2023

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