Sometimes all it takes is one chance encounter to change your life forever.
After years of hard work finally paying off, I am perfectly content with my life just the way it is, thank you very much. I've built my bookstore from the ground up with my very best friend, and certainly don't need any distractions. Which is why the more than six feet of tattooed man-muscle waltzing into our favorite bar can—under no uncertain circumstances—be anything more than a chemistry-crazed one night stand. Or two. Three max, okay?
Everything always works out how it's supposed to…as long as I follow my gut. When I traded the cloudy, gray mountains of Mistyvale, Alaska for the endless summer of Florida's gulf coast, I didn't expect my intuition to lead me straight to the feisty and fiercely independent Brexley Snows. Let alone that I'd find myself falling for a woman ten years my junior, though her business suave certainly doesn't show it.
Lucky for her, I've never been a man that gives up easy. Persuading my grumpy Florida fling to slow down and come South of The Skyway might be my greatest endeavor yet.



Sydne Barnett is a lover of spunky, badass heroines, and heroes that embrace their wild. She's an avid reader, never turns down a good cup of coffee, loves hiking with her hubby, Joel, and lives for finding their next adventure. Her debut romantic fantasy novel, Commanding Flame And Shield, released January 2023.

If she's not writing, you can probably find her behind her camera, swimming, or curled up with a homemade pastry, watching Friends, HYMYM, or Gilmore Girls.

Raised in the Treasure Valley, Idaho, Sydne has a love for one-light towns, and winding backroads, but refusing to ignore her soul's call for adventure, she hit the road with her family, and now they call the world their home.

Hi, I'm Sydne


My life was a well choreographed dance of success—the only thing missing was the grant to fund the foundation of my dreams. With a little luck, that should be in the bag by the end of the week. Everything was falling exactly into place. At least…it was until I showed up to an overbooked hotel, and my saving grace showed up in the mouthwatering six-foot form of none other than my high school crush, and brothers’ best friend, Broderick Allen. The commotion of a bustling lobby came to an abrupt halt as I found myself face-to-face with the one man I could never forget.
Believe me, I tried. 
I had no choice but accept his offer to share a room, making the once-anticipated conference into my own personal torture chamber. Screw the competition. Could I just manage to survive the week with my dignity intact?  


As much as I loved teaching at Mistyvale’s local college, the promise of dry heat and Las Vegas sunshine had me nearly as excited as the grant I’d be vying for. It was supposed to be a mini vacation and dream opportunity all in one. But even my years of meticulous planning couldn’t prepare me for the bombshell standing in the hotel lobby.
Now, the one woman I could never have was sharing my room. Long, lean, with mouthwatering little curves I’d always ached to touch, Elora Rhodes was every man’s fantasy, not to mention a total powerhouse in business. 
With Mistyvale’s snooping eyes out of the equation, everything was different, and Elora felt a lot like…mine. My loyalty to her brothers had always kept us apart, but now, the rules were shifting. Elora was no longer the “little” sister from our childhood. I might’ve flown to Vegas with my eyes on the grant, but if I played my cards right, I could claim a much bigger prize. The question was: would I lose everything I’d worked so hard for, and my two best friends in the process?

Finding a Way Back Home


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Escape With Sydne

Your next read with Sydne.

This is the kind of sweet, fun, heartwarming Hallmark story we want, but it doesn't shut the doors on the steamy scenes ... like at all!. It's the kind of book you grab and read over and over because it makes you happy and makes you want to cuddle up in your favorite reading spot with a cup of coffee (or tea for Rhyett).
-Rebecca, Goodreads

Nomadic Rhodes

THIS BOOK, OMG SYDNE, I was grinning, kicking my feet, squealing, losing sleep as I got absorbed and thrown back into you Rhodes world. My God woman, these men.. THESE MEN. Why can't an island called Mistyvale full of book boyfriend level, knows how to treat a woman, sexy as f*ck men exist? why? As our beloved Josie has said "Can you save me one of those brothers? I'm not picky." - Jessica, Goodreads

Nomadic Rhodes

El and Broderick's story is coming April, 2024!

I adored this book & the characters! 

This was actually my introduction to Sydne Barnett (I've had Commanding Flame and Shield on my TBR but it keeps getting away from me 🫠), and because I haven't read South of the Skyway I chose to read this as a standalone. I RARELY choose to do something like this because I always like having all the context of a story, but when Sydne Barnett says these books can be standalones, SHE MEANS IT.

Jameson just secured his spot as a top pin my heart. Wow. 

Wow. The quote that Noel said about him “protective, cautious, chivalrous, secretly teddy-bear-soft energy?” YASSSS! He was everything I want in a book boyfriend. Alpha male to perfection, but kind and giving and sweet. Completely possesive and protective and goes FERAL when someone messes with his family. Good lords…..he was perfection.

This story pulled me in from the start!

 A boss babe who owns a smutty romance bookstore?! A man who loves his huge family and is looking for that "once in a lifetime" love?! I loved the dynamic between the main characters, Brexley and Rhyett. Their banter was hilarious and their chemistry was HOT! The spice in this book was plentiful and did not detract from any of the plot. The interactions with all the side characters gave both main characters so much depth and made the whole cast of characters feel real. I am so excited to read the next book in the Nomaic Rhodes series!

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